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January 2008 Mix

Download DJ Troika – January 2008 Mix

This is the set I made a few days after the Sasha & Digweed show in Montreal on the 28th of December, 2007. I put some of the tracks they played and I recognized mixed with some of my selections. If some tracks sound different than the originals it’s because they are edited.

1. Escadia – Dreamland
2. Roberto Rodriguez – Camera Obscura
3. Christian Paduraru – Sharing Transparently (John Silva Mix)
4. Supadelics – Puppet Strings (Gorge Greg Silver Mix)
5. Mark Mendes – Beneath You
6. Johnwaynes – Retouch (Alex Parsons Mix)
7. Jim Rivers – Dallas
8. Rob Mooney – Toothpick
9. Stephan Bodzin, Swoop – Black Market (Butch Mix)
10. Meat Katie, D.Ramirez – Stop the Revolution (Dubfire’s Arrowhead Dub)
11. James Zabiela – No Other Way But Down
12. Robbie Rivera – Float Away (Dubfire’s Casaplex Dub)
13. Underworld – Beatiful Burnout (Mark Knight Mix)
14. Pig & Dan – Sly Detector

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